The Number Yard
A Fun and Easy Guide to the Math You Need for Construction... And Nothing Else. ::: By Alan Cook ~ Illustrated by Mary E. Scott

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About the Author

Before Alan Cook began building things, he spent many years taking things apart including his entire crib, the braces off his own teeth (twice!) and that hippie farm truck that only made left turns. He worked for many years in construction and cabinet making before switching gears, becoming a chiropractor. Working with patients is great but working with the medical insurance system was making him into a drooling rabid nutso beast. As a result, Al went back to building. He now designs and sells solar hot water systems and uses a lot more math. Al lives in Northern California with his family. They have a big garden and a small orchard. His kids know how to drive a tractor.

Some of Al’s goals for the future include: napping on a warm tropical beach, never singing in public or raising cattle again, eating an entire truck load of blueberries (there are witnesses who heard him say this...), dusting off his guitar (and playing it), scoring a few goals in the old guy soccer league, and of course - really cleaning up in his woodshop.

He hopes this book will be helpful to you.

About the Illustrator

Mary Scott spent the early years of her life in the farm country of Illinois. She began drawing in grade school and spent many a recess at her desk in punishment for some of her work (pictures of girls in bikinis she sold to the boys for 5 cents each). In 1979, she moved to California because she liked the spaghetti at Roy’s Supper Club in Eureka. She met and fell in love with her soul mate, Howard, on a backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps. After a respectable time period, she gave birth to two, unbelievably entertaining children, Olivia and Gregory. She works full time as a public health nurse (“You can’t make a living drawing cartoons all your life, Mary!”) and manages a mini farm with chickens, turkeys, a garden and two yaks.

Mary began cartooning out of frustration with an inability to get five fingers on a hand. She states she is inspired by God to draw, has no control over the content of her cartoons and should not be blamed. Money, not a love for Al, is the driving force behind this book.



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