The Number Yard
A Fun and Easy Guide to the Math You Need for Construction... And Nothing Else. ::: By Alan Cook ~ Illustrated by Mary E. Scott

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"Arithmetic is usually taught as all scales and no music." ~ Persis Herold

A Trip To The Number Yard has been and is being used as a textbook by:

College of the Redwoods
(Eureka, CA)

Green Jobs Program
(Crescent City, CA)

Home schools across the country.

The Number Yard is the basis for remedial or construction math classes that are designed to have 6-16 classroom hours. A PowerPoint presentation containing over 100 slides is available on CD (the document is 50.6 MB and is not easily sent via email).

There is no cost for the CD if making a volume purchase of books. If purchased as a stand alone item, the cost is $20 plus sales tax (if applicable) and shipping. (Must inquire directly to

Inquire at:



Available as a Hard Copy or Digital PDF*The Number Yard Book
    Hard Copy --- $19.95
(plus S&H, tax in CA)

Digital PDF --- $11.95
(Plus tax in CA)
*not compatible with Kindle or Nook