The Number Yard
A Fun and Easy Guide to the Math You Need for Construction... And Nothing Else. ::: By Alan Cook ~ Illustrated by Mary E. Scott

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Speaking engagements

The author, Alan Cook, is available for speaking engagements. 

Alan Cook has lived a multi-chaptered professional life. In his early adult years, he built houses and cabinets. Given the physical demands of this livelihood, he was introduced to the benefits of chiropractors. Receiving much needed help over years, he decided to attend chiropractic college. However, he retained his interests in the construction world and is currently a co-owner of a solar company.

Always participating in a broad pallet of experiences, he was invited to attend a professional speakers’ workshop. This training, coupled with his natural talents, led to his appointment as a post-graduate lecturer for three chiropractic colleges whereby he gave presentations across the country. His speaking abilities were also tapped by Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Complimenting his numerous lectures, he has over a dozen articles published in chiropractic and medical journals. His most well-known article being, The Healing Benefits of Laughter.

His writing and construction backgrounds are well displayed in his recent book, A Trip To The Number Yard. This paperback is a fun and thorough series of lessons in the math needed for the world of construction.

In short, Alan Cook has a wide range of experiences allowing him to connect with audiences. His lectures have included numerous topics in healthcare, construction math, solar energy, and public speaking. The presentations are high energy, interactive, and memorable.



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